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Many very important lessons and principles shared here ...



It's all about atoms and rearranging them to create more value!  If you rearrange the atoms of coal, you get diamonds ... (Don't we want to let them do the diamond thing to us?  Nanotech can raise our value in every imaginable way, is the key concept.)  Learn more about Ralph Merkle here.

Nanotech is only the bottom layer of the mountain that science intends to control.  See the layers shown below.  Read Alison McDowell's post here.




With deep regret to come .... 




Looks like it's time to chelate with EDTA if you can ... 




Why are they avoiding no-disease-causing-viruses-exist?  Why do they keep talking about gain-of-function and the Wuhan escape?

Read the open letter here.  Excerpt:  I “woke up” to the truth about vaccines between 2016-2018, well after both of you.  At that time, I was an active duty officer in the US Army working well over 40 hours a week.  With the help of my wife, I obsessively researched the truth about vaccines over those years.  I can now regurgitate the exact same information that both of you continue to shout from the massive platforms of your respective organizations, Children’s Health Defense (CHD) and Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN)/The Highwire.

Between 2020-now, I’ve learned the truth about virology and the germ “hypothesis” (it’s not even a proper scientific theory).  Most of my learning occurred in early 2021.  I am one of a handful of others (a relatively small group compared to the general “anti-vax” crowd) leading the charge to expose the truth about virology.  I refer back to the time it took for me to learn both the nature of vaccine corruption and the truth about virology to make a point: it was a relatively quick process to learn this information, and the lack of proof of viruses is something that almost anyone can easily understand.  It simply requires that one sets aside their preconceived notions and dogmas, and to look with a logical, scientific lens. 



If your First Life doesn't prove rewarding, if you can't make money, can't find friends ... there's always your Second Life in a digital reality





Genentech, a giant biotech entity, is about to expand in Oceanside, California to the tune of nearly half a billion dollars ... to make new drugs and research personalized medicine (translation: gene therapies).  The expansion is being built on Antibody Way!   Read more here.



Quote:  Around 1/5th of all Covid vaccines Sweden bought have been destroyed.  The cost to the taxpayer of buying in these shots only to be thrown away was a whopping $144 million.  That is money that went straight down the drain because the state bought something that people do not want.   So now Sweden has been throwing away massive amounts of vaccines doses bought with taxpayers' money.  Money that has gone right into the pockets of Pfizer and Moderna.  You paid for this, and Pfizer got rich.

Read more here.