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We have heard about the biotoxicity of graphene, a two-dimensional form of carbon that was embraced by both industry and biotech.  Phosphorene is the new graphene, a nanomaterial showing far less toxicity to biological tissues and proving to be just as wondrous in terms of its conductivity (electrical and electrochemical properties), as well as its optical (photothermic and photodynamic) capabilities.  Black phosphorus or phosphorene (pictured above) is already found in human bones, constituting 1% of human mass and thus making it a good substitute for graphene in biomedicine.  Remember graphene oxide?  BP may replace it in vax manufacturing ...

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Dr. David Nixon of Brisbane, Australia discusses his examination of Covid vaxxes with Gareth Icke.  (Nixon is a real Aussie, a little hard to understand!)




David Nixon is a family-medicine doctor from Australia.
 He writes:  In mid-2022 I purchased a darkfield microscope and started looking at my own blood and that of patients.  I also started looking at what we were injecting into people and started voicing my concerns about what I was seeing.  He has posted his findings on, including videos and video discussions that prove self-assembling "nanotech" in the vaxxes.

An excellent summary by independent journalist Rebecca Weisser here.

Click image below for Dr. Nixon's video observations. (Note that there are many video discussions to watch.)



This further explains what you see below in the Del Bigtree video 




You might think you know all there is to know about the vaccines, but take a look at what happens when Del Bigtree's drawn blood receives drops of each vax type (on glass slides).  Watch from time code 50:30 onward.  The pH of the blood is instantly transformed.  This suggests that the vaxxes are highly electrochemical, changing the zeta potential (electrokinetic charge) of the normal colloidal nature of blood.  The separation of the blood fluid indicates a sudden electrical change, most likely occurring on the surface of the particles.  No aspect of this aligns with normal biology.