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Cell phone shields!

Cell phone shields

Large variety of fabrics/ultrasuede.  Lining blocks radiation.

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Stew Peters has Jane Ruby on to discuss the serious heart damage and clotting issues following the shots ... Click image for video




Someone took my bumper sticker and ran with it!  Nice!  Click image for store link.














I try to explain to Jim Fetzer what the dragged-out debilitation of humanity could be like and how our perceptions might be enhanced by A.I. ... Click image for sound file (interview begins at 32 minutes approximately)



From Steve Kelly on the PieceofMindful blog:  "People live in state of fear their entire lives! When I was a kid it was The Bomb; later we were given a 1960s version of our current “Delta Variant”, Gooks (not my word choice for human beings), aka Vietnamese “communists” who somehow threatened us. How? We could only imagine. Then came Manson and OPEC and then Saddam Hussein and wars against Iraq that to this day I do not understand (to destroy their will to resist?). 911 brought in Muslims and led to a mass psychotic breakdown, people terrified and irrational due to images on their TV screens. 

"And now the virus, and the associated deep psychosis. People are paranoid, perhaps even clinically insane, deliberately driven to irrational behavior by fear. Will they recover? Will there even be time before another fear campaign is launched? Soon will come rigid separation, the vaccinated feeling themselves morally superior and threatened by us lepers, who will have to live separately. It may be by force of law. Oh my, will it come to this?"






A phone-repair technician reveals that every 5G phone he has repaired has nothing in it that would receive 5G.  Click image for video.




This is still on YouTube ...




Dr. Carrie Madej had the chance to view the contents of a vial of Covid vaccine under a microscope.  It  was full of "particulates" that changed colors and drifted around.  She says she has never seen anything like this before.  Click on image for video.