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Cell phone shields

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At high noon on Tuesday, August 24th ... If you look closely, you will see what looks like a white seagull coming in on the left -- right into oncoming traffic!  Read full report from San Diego Union Tribune here.





LAFD fire chief speaks out ... Click on images for video



Honolulu Chief Pelekai resigns in tears ...




Astonishing narcissism from Trump, reported by Wil Paranormal ... Click on image for video




At approximately 9 minutes, she tells us that Pfizer says that between December 2020 and March 2021, 50% of vaccines given were placebos.  Click on image for video interview with Stew Peters. 



KUSI is San Diego's independently owned television station.  To their credit, they covered the August 17th County Board of Supervisors meeting, at which over 100 people signed up to address the public officials with expression of their personal views on Covid restrictions.  (After one day, removed from YouTube!  See alternate link here.)





Another priceless example of Americans:









Some great firing off on August 17th!  Click on image below for starters.  See InfoWars report here, KUSI's report here (scroll for video shorts), and full session here.




An inspiring gathering of 400 people on the day of the County Board of Supervisors meeting.  Click image for video