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Cell phone shields!

Cell phone shields

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Police and firefighters are suing City of San Diego for mandating Covid vaccines.  Click image for KUSI News report and see Complaint here.   See entire press conference here (streamed by CBS 8) -- an amazing event!



A neurosurgeon survived a deadly infection after a seven-day coma and talks about the afterlife he experienced before returning.  We are all loved unconditionally, he says (even Fauci and Klaus Schwab ...?)




Dr. Jane Ruby queries an embalming specialist on his recent discoveries upon draining blood from human bodies.  People's veins are full of long, fibrous, rubbery clots.  This embalmer reports that half the bodies he works on have such clots, and he never saw any such thing before the vaccine rollout.

** See close-ups here and here.




Neil Harbisson sports a permanent electronic antenna on his head that is implanted and integrated into his skull.  Born color blind, it allows him to hear colors as sounds, the vibrations of which have led to his feeling colors as well.  In 2004, Harbisson's passport renewal was rejected as the British passport office would not let him be photographed with any type of headgear.  Harbisson replied that he identified as a cyborg and his antenna was an organ, a extension of his body. His renewal went through.  Read more here.





In yet another move toward surveillance and tyranny, the Treasury announced a proposal to have the IRS collect all transaction data from every single financial account with a balance exceeding $600.   And all transactions exceeding $600 would be reported.  This includes bank accounts, investment accounts, and accounts with crypto exchanges.  And the fact that this would be a direct violation of the 4th amendment may not be enough to stop this from going into effect -- proposed start is fiscal year 2022.

See the proposal here, which Congress thankfully vetoed.




A deep dive into radioactive lithium hydrogel nasal test swabs, injectable quantum dots, nano-routers, UPC bluetooth and the UN Agenda 21 Great Reset Nano-man.  Plus a look at why the Government might hate Ivermectin. 90 minutes.

Click image for video





This neurosurgeon was in a coma for seven days with a 2% chance of survival ... Listen to his report: