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Dane Wigington of shows how unnaturally heavy artificially nucleated snow topples trees in the forest ...  Quote:  Artificially nucleated “snow” is often 15 to 20 degrees colder than the surrounding air temperatures, causing this material to stick to whatever it comes in contact with.  Engineered chemical cloud-seeding cool-downs commonly begin at temperatures far above the point where natural ice nucleation would take place, producing more atmospheric moisture and a heavy wet "snow”. This combination of factors, combined with already weakened forests, is disastrous. The video below is a shocking example of the utter devastation the weather-makers are inflicting on our last remaining forests with engineered winter weather events.








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Everyone is all excited about the "vaccine expert" Geert vanden Bossche whose open letter to the WHO warns that the current "prophylactic" mRNA vaccines will only cause "virus shedding" and "immune escape," thus putting humanity further at risk with "highly infectious variants" of itself.  Here is vanden Boscche's letter, in which he says we should not be using this type of "inadequate" vaccine at this time in a pandemic.  "One small step for the virus, one giant catastrophe for mankind."

Anti-vaxxers have jumped all over this announcement.  My question:  What if vanden Bossche comes out a few months from now and says that the RIGHT vaccine has been developed--one that's going to work?  What will anti-vaxxers say then, having agreed that he's an expert?  Read Page 5 of vanden Bossche's letter, on which he actually tells us that the right kind of vaccine is a different type that "educates" our NK (natural killer) cells.  Typical Hegelian dialectic: Problem - This type of vaccine is no good.  Solution - Wait for the right kind down the road... I'll tell you which one it is!

Click image to enlarge and see my annotations and highlights.  It's all right there!



DNA is the new future of information storage -- and totally sustainable!




Just shy of discussing the Human Capital Market that is also in our future, Rajiv and Vandana Shiva readily take apart the so-called appeal of A.I.  Think past India to the world at large ...




A great presentation by Rajiv Malhotra, and an overview of his new book by the same title.  India has unwittingly fallen far behind in the A.I. race; listen to this discussion and think about what's happening all over the world.