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Cell phone shields!

Cell phone shields

Large variety of fabrics/ultrasuede.  Lining blocks radiation.

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Peggy Hall introduces a helpful resource for these times:  Find businesses and like-minded friends near you!




If your workplace management is talking about mandatory vaccines, here's some important information:




InfoWars reports on a 70-page document titled "The SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028," which scripts out a future we should all anticipate.  mRNA vaccine damage starts to show six months to a year after inoculation (think Covid vaccines), with most of the nation having received the shots.  The nature of the damage will be protein-related, including brain disease like spongiform encephalitis (prions causing misfolded proteins).

Behavioral health experts will be sent to counsel vaccine-damage victims, offering coping methods.  THIS IS CLASSIC STAKEHOLDER CAPITALISM AND IMPACT INVESTING, with hedge funds tied to human lives.  (See Alison McDowell's interviews and posts.)

Click image for video presentation by Alex Jones and InfoWars:




Alison McDowell's position -- see her complete post here:


Derek Broze's response and analysis -- click image for link:



Dr. Stephanie Seneff, an acclaimed biology expert and senior research scientist at M.I.T., has started a new website and blog --  In a new post, she warns of serious autoimmune problems posed by the new smart vaccines being administered for Covid.

She writes: "You may be interested to hear that Facebook just censored me for posting a link to a peer-reviewed article in Nature.  My current plan is to stop posting on Facebook and concentrate on writing blog posts instead. I will also still try to post regularly on MeWe (, so please join me over there if you want to see articles that catch my attention."



A robot pretends to teach "essential life skills such as: emotion regulation, mindfulness, breathing exercises, meditation, conflict resolution, managing friendships, taking turns, and so much more!" ... when in fact it instructs a child to "go talk to your friends and then tell me all about it."  Social emotional learning is the new surveillance being performed on children as their personal information is fielded and they become part of the blockchain.  A.I. is our new best friend in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.




Mahatma Gandhi published a book in 1921 titled A Guide to Health ...  Some maintain he regretted this later as smallpox took out many Indian children, but here's a quote: