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Please watch this video to understand how concerned citizens are being kept away from being able to make comments about the local rollout of 5G small cells.  The speakers you will see are VERY informed, powerhitters for the people of California, and California may well be paving the way for what will happen elsewhere in the country.  The "Me Too" 10-second participation is all we're going to get, if anything at all.  

Three legislative bills are about to be passed all at once -- repeats of what was blocked previouslythanks to public efforts.  Visit for more details and listen to the speakers below -- you will learn a lot!




This is a success story, thanks to Peggy Hall activists who deluged the Board of Supervisors meeting with one-minute speeches on 4/13/21.  Please note what Peggy Hall says at time code 9:10: that the County has backed off, but businesses may still try to "enforce" compliance with vaccine passports, even though they are prohibited by law from discriminating against any member of the public, as long as they remain open to the public for commerce.





A YouTube teaser because of the content ... See full show here.




Peggy Hall's intro video to her longer treatment on stopping the v@ccine, which is at (by subscription):



Quote from her urgent message (4-13-21) to the Orange County (CA) Board of Supervisors:  There is no emergency. There never has been one. The numbers don’t support it. You are perpetuating the notion of an emergency to get money, to impose tyranny and to unlawfully force medical experimentation upon the populace. This so-called vaskine has only gotten an emergency use authorization under the guise of an emergency; otherwise the EUA is null and void (by the way, masks and covid tests are EUAs as well.) It doesn’t matter whether vaskines work or not. It doesn’t matter whether this is even a vaskine or not. What matters is that each individual has sovereignty and authority over their own body.

(A) CA GOV Code 51, which protects FREE AND EQUAL access to ALL PUBLIC ACCOMMODATIONS.

Public Accommodations are “private businesses engaged in commerce.” That means retails stores, banks, restaurants, recreation, transportation – and entity, location or establishment that is open to the public is prohibited from discriminating against the entry of a member of the public.

(B) CA GOV CODE 12926 (q) protects one’s religious liberty and practice, including the ability to NOT PARTICIPATE in practices that violate one’s sincerely held religious beliefs

(C) CA GOV CODE 37100 – prevents any creation, application or enforcement of a law or policy that violates the California Constitution or the Constitution of the United States.

Every time I address this board I end up educating you on the laws you have sworn to uphold. Absolutely astonishing. Your ignorance is astounding. 

You are either ignorant, incompetent, or intentionally deceiving the public.

Read the full message here.



One day, children will wear mixed-reality headsets to "experience" what it feels like to be in the great outdoors ...


I have never been fishing on the Susquehanna
or on any river for that matter
to be perfectly honest.

Not in July or any month
have I had the pleasure--if it is a pleasure--
of fishing on the Susquehanna.

I am more likely to be found
in a quiet room like this one--
a painting of a woman on the wall,
a bowl of tangerines on the table--
trying to manufacture the sensation
of fishing on the Susquehanna.

There is little doubt
that others have been fishing
on the Susquehanna,
rowing upstream in a wooden boat,
sliding the oars under the water
then raising them to drip in the light.

But the nearest I have ever come
to fishing on the Susquehanna
was one afternoon in a museum in Philadelphia
when I balanced a little egg of time
in front of a painting
in which that river curled around a bend
under a blue cloud-ruffled sky,
dense trees along the banks,

and a fellow with a red bandanna
sitting in a small, green
flat-bottom boat
holding the thin whip of a pole.

That is something I am unlikely
ever to do, I remember
saying to myself and the person next to me.

Then I blinked and moved on
to other American scenes
of haystacks, water whitening over rocks,
even one of a brown hare
who seemed so wired with alertness
I imagined him springing right out of the frame.



Alison McDowell in another stellar interview that explains how Big Data is designing learning for children:




A short, comprehensive article by Lynne Wolf on how the digital ledger is to become a part of our lives, thanks to Covid and the Reset now in motion.

Quote: "With the rollout of vaccine passports, yet another one of 5G’s raisons d’etre becomes apparent; every passport holder is assigned a blockchain code that broadcasts his or her mRNA injection status. These codes could be easily expanded to contain other personal information as well, such as one’s social security number, banking information, and current location. A biometric digital IDlike ID2020, for instance–would essentially connect everyone to the Internet of Things."

Read the article here.