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Shane Bauer took a job at a private prison in Louisiana and brought in a hidden video camera. His book American Prison is worth reading, chronicling the history of penitentiaries and prisons in America.  A missing chapter in most people's understanding is the transition from slavery to prisoner slavery -- the leasing of prisoners (mostly black) to plantation owners and railroad companies in the years following emancipation.  Prisoners could be treated far worse than slaves, and they were.  The average life expectancy of a chain-gang prisoner was six years.  They often beaten to death for not working hard enough.

Part 1 of Shane's video production, after the four months he spent as an undercover employee of Corrections Corporation of America is below.

See Parts 2 through 6 on Youtube.  Read his Mother Jones article here.




Aman Jabbi is an electrical engineer, originally from India, whose work has become a permanent part of video and camera technology.  Aware of the dark side of smart cities and surveillance, listen to his presentation:




African nations, India, and others have stomped on the W.H.O.'s rapacious attempt to announce pandemics all over the world.




Are electric Teslas really that cool?  Listen to Palki Sharma's report...



An overview of how things are today:


A surprise conclusion ...





With attorney Tom Renz:




Dhughaighn is back with Part 2 of his wildfire interview (see previous post here).  Important: This discussion contains information about sovereign affidavits.  See links for more here.