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Our health depends on the right mix of "fuel and air," to use carburetor terminology.  But too much fuel and too little air can mess things up, and vice versa.  Where the body is concerned, reductive stress refers to what happens when there's too much fuel -- too many "mobile electrons" in the cell, meaning that there are too many riders for the taxis that carry them (sorry for this second metaphor).

Calories from food (fats and carbohydrates) are turned into energy-supplying electrons for the body, and if these go unused (i.e., you eat too much) they begin to cause reductive stress or secondary oxidative stress ... too many people on a bus can break down the bus!  Secondary oxidative stress is the root cause of degenerating health, it turns out -- as opposed to primary oxidative stress (e.g. from toxins, real demands of energy, disease, etc.)

Try to understand this interview.  It's not easy, but try and try again, says Dr. Mercola, the interviewer ...