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Very surprised that this is a 2017 release ... could have sworn it was much older, from the 1950s or '60s!  

And it just came to me ... I already posted this song.
 The original from which the above composition is a spin-off was Nat King Cole's 1964 hit titled LOVE, a jazz/swing song written by Milt Gabler, composed by Bert Kaempfert and sung by Nat King Cole on his 1964 album by the same name.  This 2017 release has a totally different title, different tempo and key, but it has a very similar theme melody.  It's the "on hold" music you get when you call, and it was very familiar -- and yet I didn't know what it was.  For months I kept asking myself why I couldn't identify the song.  Finally I had a Square customer-service agent find out for me.  When I finally was able to figure out which 1960s hit it's so much like (several hours later), I find the similarity to be rather amazing ...

A nice female-key acoustic guitar backing track