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Very, very interesting.
In State of Texas v. Pfizer, Inc. (filed 12/28/23), defendant Pfizer is moving the case to federal court where, as Sasha Latypova says:  They need to move this case to a federal court, because that’s the court controlled by the criminal cartel masquerading as the U.S. Government, and in that court they have absolutely nothing to worry about. When criminals investigate themselves, and find themselves guilty, they pat themselves on the back for the job well done and pay themselves a bonus. Predictably (and IMO, correctly) claiming “we did what U.S. Government told us to do."

Pfizer is claiming "derivative sovereign immunity" from wrongdoing because the vaxxines it made were a government-requested EUA countermeasure, not FDA-approved vaccines. Sasha: Based on the EUA status, Pfizer points to the PREP Act that shields them from liability, and further pre-empts any state enforcement action... Pfizer goes on discussing how their contract with U.S. Government falls under the Defense Production Act authority - yes, this is also correct... Translation: “We are a U.S. Government agent, and are protected by the Sovereign Immunity of the U.S. Government. The U.S. Government decided to poison all of you people, and gave us contracts for a lot of money to make and ship the poison, and instructed us on how to lie about this operation, and we did exactly as we were instructed!  [So] stop bothering us with these politically motivated lawsuits."

Concluding:  Pfizer points at the real criminal -- the U.S. Government, the DOD and HHS, and that’s exactly who is the head of the criminal cartel responsible for poisoning men, women and children in this country and worldwide.

Read more here.