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Celia writes:  First: Jeffrey Epstein’s mentor was billionaire media tycoon Robert Maxwell.  He is the root.  Once I started reading about “Robert Maxwell,” I couldn’t stop.  His name was never Robert Maxwell.  According to  Genadii Sokolov, a historian on intelligence who worked with “Maxwell” at the end of the 1980s, he “changed names like a pair of gloves.” 

He was born either “Abraham Lazby,” or “Jan Ludvik Hoch” to poor Jewish laborers in 1923, in former Czechoslovakia, a village then called Slatino-Selo. He was the 9th child (just as Ghislaine was his 9th child) of Mikhail and Anna Hoch. They lived in a clay cottage with a dirt floor, and Maxwell has said:  “Until the age of eight I had no shoes.”  

Read the rest here.  BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!  Celia says:  “Science” is a perfect breeding ground and sanctuary for what was once called “communism.”  The most accurate new term it is somewhere in the vicinity of “trans-humanism,” (A.I.) but it will take time before this marriage is understood by scholars of either. Its Trojan horse is “Public Health”; its most powerful weapon is the “Virus.”

Robert Maxwell’s cover was “science,” and it is simply never mentioned that he erected his first publishing empire, Pergamon Press, as a literal open bridge between the USSR and the West, to traffic high-level “science” which is meant to float above nations like moral conscience itself.  We are programmed to hear the word “science” and immediately believe it is something we must never—whatever else we may be against—be “against.”  

Today, following the downfall of the Epstein/Maxwell/Wexner et al apparatus, people are somewhat incapable of grasping Epstein’s obsession about trans-humanist “science,” and the countless millions he poured into corrupt scientific institutions as well as Ivy League universities.  As soon as we hear the word “science” all our natural defenses, perceptions about good and evil, tend to become paralyzed.