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Sasha Latypova, who brought us so much valuable information about manufacturing protocols not being held to pharmaceutical standards in the commissioning and creation of Covid vaccines, holds the belief (along with legal researcher Katherine Watt) that Man is created by God and cannot be integrated with any machine. "Synthetic biology" and "transhumanism" are failed ideas.

Here is her post, titled "The Internet of No-Bodies," an outtake from which is:  A reader recently asked a good question about mine and Katherine Watt’s opinion on the concept of the “internet of bodies” and “transhumanism."... I completely agree with Katherine: creation and maintenance of life is God’s domain. It is not known how life springs into being, nor how it really functions, how it stays alive as opposed to artificial things which do not. Modern science, even the parts of it that have not been totally falsified, made little progress toward understanding the mystery of a living body. Ultimately, the mystery of life might not be knowable by mortal humans and this may be a “safety mechanism” built into the system by God, its creator.

She continues: Introduction of any non-self, artificial matter, at any scale - macro to nano - into a living body results in either nothing (safe tolerance or elimination), or toxicity (inflammation, adverse reaction, reduced reproductive potential, reduced life span, death).

She dismisses the ideas discussed in the interview below.  Many proponents of transhumanism confuse materials with technology, and this is likely on purpose. I heard things like robotic-bacteria, cross domain bacteria (huh?), quantum dots (existing tech in semiconductors), sometimes graphene oxide by itself considered as a working device (it is a material), graphene nanotubes (material) and many other half-baked or misused terms. Note that use of over-complicated and confusing terminology should be a warning sign that you are dealing with magical thinking or with charlatans.