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Contrary to popular belief, 5G is not in widespread use yet, and it can only be used indoors if a repeating device is used, meaning you have to CONSENT TO and ASK FOR such a thing to be brought into your living space (something I have said for years).  Here is an expert's recent post on the subject, and read his lecture notes here.

Excerpt:  Greatest concern in EMF community is 5G in mmWave band; Primarily deployed in urban areas with high population densities;  Found in stadiums, arenas, downtown streets, metrostops, airports; college campuses, office complexes – areas with high foot traffic; Spreading into suburbs;  mmWave 5G reception only reliable outdoors; mmWave coverage from outside very poor to non-existent indoors; mmWave repeaters needed inside buildings for indoor coverage; Now have massive expansion of mid-band 5G antenna networks with C-Band service at 3.5-3.7 GHz, including private enterprise networks; CBRS at 3.4-3.5 GHz coming later in 2023

Miller's source of this knowledge: Cellular industry trade shows that I have attended; Cellular industry articles and webinars; EMF and 5G community activists and advocates.