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Please read Sasha Latypova's commentary on this video (with very accurate summary of the diabolical vaccine recipe) here.


1. Put all the glassware inside a hot steam bath or sterilize it. 

2. Import Macaca mulatta monkeys from India for the experiments. 

3. Prepare a mixture called "medium 199" - containing 2 % calf serum, 200 units/ml penicillin, 200 g/ml dihydrostreptomycin and 50 units/ml Mycostatin (nystatin Squibb); the pH of the medium was brought to 7.0 by the addition of a NaHCO3 solution." (full serum ingredients commented below) 

4. Euthanize the monkeys, remove their kidneys, and then place the kidney into a tube and hand mince it with scissors into small bits. 

5. After the kidney tissue was weighed and decapsulated, they put the tissue in a centrifuge tube where they washed it in a phosphate buffered saline and placed in a trypsinization flask. Trypsin enzymes break down the proteins, and is then centrifuged at 800-1000 RPM for 10 minutes to separate the tissue and cells. 

6. The kidney cells are then mixed with the medium 199 and incubated (fermented, rotted essentially) at 37C for 6-8 days. By the end of the 6-8 day period, the bottles and tubes were covered with a "confluent sheet of cell growth" ... continued here.