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In case you aren't sure what she's pointing out to us, here's a summary (with edits):  Once you understand that the new game of holographic video-game life is running on hijacking the good intentions of most of the world's people to take care of vulnerable communities and the planet ... that's all being hijacked into global capital.  And this is through environmental social governance investing and social-impact investing.  The idea is to put the entire world and all its living beings, with smart dust and frequencies from satellites orbiting in space, into a metaverse with geolocation so that poverty, environmental pollution and climate change can be "fixed and solved."  None of this is about helping -- it's about channeling global capital.  The BlackRocks of the world, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs ... those are the people who want to digitize this majesty (pointing at beautiful mountains of Crestone, Colorado) and say "we're going to fix the planet, we're going to solve poverty, we're going to have peace" ... but we will only have all of these wonderful things if we can get everyone on blockchain and channel their energetic life force into our cybernetic systems...  And we'll make some money too.