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A deep dive into Elon Musk -- lots of questions about his intentions ...




Professor Glen Jeffery explains the kind of damage too much blue light late in the day can do to your eyes, and how specific application of infrared light (also part of full-spectrum natural sunlight) can begin to heal retinal tissues.  Read Dr. Mercola's article about this here.






Worth listening to ... interviewed by Greg Hunter.  "If I knew what I knew back in March of 2020 -- don't tell me I knew more than Trump.  You've got to hold people accountable."




Spooky ... Benjamin Netanyahu explains why he made a deal with Albert Bourla of Pfizer.  In short, he explains the profiling or twinning of every human being onto the blockchain -- the making of the bio-digital self.



Died Suddenly was a recent film by Stew Peters about the Covid vaccines.  Cause Unknown is a new book by Edward Dowd (formerly of Wall Street).  "A Midwestern Doctor" (Anonymous) discusses both here.