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Sgt X of San Diego Police Department is interviewed by talk radio host Mike Slater.  The police are the line in the sand between the people and the government, he says.  Many officers and firefighters and city employees do not want to comply with the current vaccine mandates.  If hundreds are terminated, how will the city operate?

Click here to listen.  Excellent interview!



Finding microorganisms that are part of the "trade secret" ingredients.  Click on image for video.  Also see this video to compare microparasites found in cancer patients.

Dr. Enby performed his examination of this Pfizer vial in August 2021 and filmed what he saw.  He says that vaccine vials are very difficult to get hold of.  They are strictly controlled, even those that are discarded.  




Arthur Firstenburg gives a history of how wireless technology got a pass in spite of the EPA plans against it.  Excerpt:  The Electromagnetic Energy Association, an industry lobbying group, succeeded in preventing the EPA’s exposure guidelines from being published.  On September 13, 1995, the Senate Committee on Appropriations stripped the $350,000 that had been budgeted for EPA’s work on its exposure guidelines and wrote in its report, “The Committee believes EPA should not engage in EMF activities.”

The Personal Communications Industry Association (CTIA), another industry group, also lobbied Congress, which was drafting a bill called the Telecommunications Act, and a provision was added to the Act prohibiting states and local governments from regulating “personal wireless service facilities” on the basis of their “environmental effects.” That provision shielded the telecommunications industry from any and all liability for injury from both cell towers and cell phones and permitted that industry to sell the most dangerous technology ever invented to the American public. People were no longer allowed to tell their elected officials about their injuries at public hearings. Scientists were no longer allowed to testify in court about the dangers of this technology. Every means for the public to find out that wireless technology was killing them was suddenly prohibited.

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Polly fleshes out Alison McDowell's predictions.  Must listen! 




Read post here.  Very disturbing details.