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Sergeant Matt Randolph speaks out again:




Pfizer has made some 73 contracts with governments around the world, but only five have been published.  Brazil was one country forced to sign an abusive deal with Pfizer, a multinational corporation proving to be more powerful than any government.  

Read more about it and Pfizer's strong-arming tactics here (audio file also available).  See what was found in Pfizer's vials below (title: Swedish doctor examines Covid vax)



Posted on BrandNewTube is a video describing two kinds of ice in Antarctica -- regular water-based ice that we already know, and a blue "sky ice" that is extremely cold and skips the liquid stage, vaporizing into gas.  (This is known as super-heating/super-cooling or sublimation chemistry.) Scientists at the Antarctic bases apparently spend a lot of their time studying this sky ice (also called blue ice)...  Click on image for video.


A second video showing photographs of the horizon in Antarctica: