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Many versions of a great song by Winston Moore, a.k.a Slim Willet

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An animation that shows the structure of matter in decreasing scale.  Starting with a human hair (100 microns wide), then zooming into the hair cells, fibril structures, keratin molecules, carbon atoms, their nuclei, neutrons, protons, and finally the quarks.



CERN (European organization for nuclear research) has a complex of giant particle accelerators in Switzerland, which smash subatomic particles into each other (a.k.a. hadron colliders).  

The largest of the colliders is contained in a circular tunnel, with a circumference of 26.7 kilometres (16.6 mi), at a depth ranging from 50 to 175 metres (164 to 574 ft) underground.  Read more here and here.







Transfection (definition):  Transfection is the process of deliberately introducing naked or purified nucleic acids into eukaryotic cells.  It may also refer to other methods and cell types, although other terms are often preferred: "transformation" is typically used to describe non-viral DNA transfer in bacteria and non-animal eukaryotic cells, including plant cells.  In animal cells, transfection is the preferred term, as transformation is also used to refer to progression to a cancerous state (carcinogenesis) in these cells.  Transduction is often used to describe virus-mediated gene transfer into eukaryotic cells.




Savvy thinking as a script reader took this woman to the top, as CEO of Paramount.  "Movies change the way people think."  Wife of William Friedkin, who brought us The Exorcist.  A nine minute interview: