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BioNTech is one of the primary developers of the Covid vax, but CEO Ugur Sahin is not "allowed" to be vaxxed himself!  Click image for video


It turns out that this video may have been faked from an earlier interview of Sahin and an off-camera "interviewer," (see this link).  Sahin tells the world he is now definitely vaxxed.  But, regardless, he needs to hear this song!




KUSI TV interviews Arie Spangler of the Aanestad, Andelin & Corn law firm in Cardiff, CA on the recent legal victory the Let Them Breathe/Let Them Choose group had in their lawsuit against San Diego Unified School District over the vaccine mandate.

Click image for video



You may learn something from this video ... this is just the way energy flows, says the narrator. A bit spooky and blasphemous for some, but try to learn something at least before you run and hide under the bed




Remember that "virus" does not mean a disease-causing pathogen.  It is a man-made lab product that started out as liquid squeezed through a filter (1890s) and progressed by experimental processes into becoming dry crystals (1930s).  These go into our vaccines.