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Let's try these new words, to go along with our religious exemptions ... Sing this at rallies, as there is great energy and power in our voices being heard together!

Amen ...
My body is my temple
Amen ...
Don't give me a vaccine
Amen ...
I don't want no boosters
Amen ...
There ain't no pandemic
Amen ...
You got no right to force me
Amen ...
Don't you jab my children
Amen ...
Fauci is a liar
Amen ...
Bill Gates ain't my savior
Amen ...
Re-open California (New York City, etc.)
Amen ...
And it keeps going on!

Amen is a traditional gospel song popularized by The Impressions in 1964.  It was first recorded in June 1948 and released in January 1949 by the Wings Over Jordan Choir.  Amen was arranged by Jester Hairston for the Sidney Poitier film Lilies of the Field (1963).