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How aware are you of chemtrails?

Lena Pu has been a wireless radiation researcher for six years.  Here is some astonishing information (click picture for link):



The images below show a schoolteacher's blood before and after a day in the classroom.  The red blood cells in the first image are spaced apart, which means they have a negative charge on the surface (zeta potential) and are repelling each other, ensuring good blood flow.  In the second image, the cells have burst, looking smashed and clumped together. The red you see is the oxygenated hemoglobin spilling out (notice that the cells are intact in the first image).  Destruction of RBCs creates an anemic condition known as hypoxia (low oxygen), inducing fatigue at the very least.




Alua Abzalbek, age 14, was charging her phone while listening to music in bed.  The phone was under her pillow, plugged into a wall outlet, and overheated.  It exploded, and she died instantly from fatal head injuries.  Read full story here.





Here is why Zach Bush is such a shining star.  It makes you wonder (1) how he can keep all this information in his head, and (2) how he can keep his spirits up, knowing what he does.  The man is a marvel!  Do watch:


NOTE: The terrahydrite product he talks about (at 48 minutes approx.) that induces the mitochondria to nudge the cell's metabolic behavior toward suicide or health is known as Restore (now with the new name IONBiome) and is available here, with a free pump!