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Air Force PJs are truly remarkable.  Although it is many a young man's dream to become a PJ (pararescue jumper), training by the government is 18 months, extremely intensive and expensive, with a weed-out rate of over 90%. Below are two rescues, one of the sailing vessel Satori in the October 1991 extreme nor'easter known as "the perfect storm"; and the other of a family with a baby in a 1994 storm off the coast of North Carolina.  Here is the Leonard family's own account of Satori's rescue (the boat was renamed the Mistral in The Perfect Storm movie).





Below, the non-negotiable wave from The Perfect Storm movie.  Ship captains must decide whether to sail around a storm system or ride up the faces of the waves so as not to have them capsize the boat.  How much fuel will be used either way affects the decision.  The October 1991 nor'easter was a convergence of three storm systems, also known as "a hundred-year storm" -- the storm of a century.



Dr. Seneff gives a TED talk on her new theory ...




This is a fascinating video.  The master states that he is not using electricity, but chi/qi ...




This is an excellent "translation" of Dr. Stephanie Seneff's work on sulfates, particularly cholesterol sulfate and its critical role in the body.  Sulfate is a kosmotrope, meaning it offers the negative electrical charge that makes water gel. Cholesterol sulfate's important effect on RBCs (red blood cells) is to prevent clumping keep them flowing smoothly.




Lena Pu has been a wireless radiation researcher for six years.  Here is some astonishing information: 



The images below show a schoolteacher's blood before and after a day in the classroom.  The red blood cells in the first image are spaced apart, which means they have a negative charge on the surface (zeta potential) and are repelling each other, ensuring good blood flow.  In the second image, the cells have burst, looking smashed and clumped together. The red you see is the oxygenated hemoglobin spilling out (notice that the cells are intact in the first image).  Destruction of RBCs creates an anemic condition known as hypoxia (low oxygen), inducing fatigue at the very least.