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Sheriff Daryl Wheeler of Bonner County, Idaho and an organic general-store owner speak up:

Sheriff Wheeler: [We must question] (1) the reliability of the information disseminated by the World Health Organization; (2) our response to that information; (3) the cause-and-effect devastation caused by our response; (4) our responsibility to change course.

Alfie Oakes (store owner): I do believe this is a terrible health crisis. My questions is, does it have to be a terrible economic tragedy too?  And who does that help exactly?  Does it help that you just lost your job, or your small business?  Does it help that you just lost your income or your life savings?  Do you feel better about this health tragedy if you also have an economic tragedy to deal with?

Read both letters here, and more here.



An overview of what's coming:

- DNA harvesting (via alleged COVID-19 tests)
- Economic destruction (destroying small businesses, making people dependent on government)
- Universal Basic Income (tied to “requirements” to get it)
- Economic crash / reset
- Accelerating robotics takeover (allowing AI to take over jobs)
- Cashless agenda (money is "contaminated" with virus)
- 5G installation (people at home unable to see/resist 5G in schools and public places)
- Mass gatherings (part of First Amendment) canceled, people less able to revolt
- Separating amilies (see video below)
- Food shutdown (attacking food sovereignty and making people more dependent on government)
- Conditioning people to accept more authority and tyranny as “the new normal”
- Setting a legal precedent to justify overriding the Constitution and natural rights due to an “emergency”
- Global ID (administered via mandatory vaccinations)
- Depopulation (targeting the elderly)

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A nurse with 30 years experience reveals COVID-19 fraud:




Commentary from another unafraid professional: