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Louis Beam presents a different angle to "defund the police" ...  Read entire piece here.

 Who provides protection to the criminals who destroy our society?  Who protects the elites who rule over us and seek to eradicate all we hold dear to our hearts?  Who is it that protects those who destroy our monuments, our heritage, our culture and our way of life? ... The police are the life support system for those who oppress us and want to destroy Western civilization. If we had to rely more on ourselves and less on the system to preserve our lives would we be less oppressed? I think so. One hundred and fifty years ago in this state (Texas) there were in most places no police, but there was freedom — much of it — with very little crime, as anti-social, harmful acts were quickly met with justice from the community.  Nowadays, rapists, murderers and child abusers are protected from those who would mete out justice to them.

But, will not abolishing the police bring about chaos?  Yes it will.  But, do we not live in the beginning stages of chaos now?  And do you have any doubt that more is coming to the whole nation soon?  Is there such a thing as controlled chaos?  We are soon to find out.   

Who is Louis Beam?  Website here and more background here.