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Jon Rappoport's April 28th post about the two kinds of people in his town ...

Photo by Guyatcoffeemachine Wikicommons


In my city, there are two tales of food.  One is East Germany, before the Wall went down.  By which I mean, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods.  There the NATURAL Health people, drab loons in a mental inversion layer, stand in line outside the stores on yellow tape.  Six feet apart, they wear masks and gloves.  They are silent.  When they finally enter to shop, they're presented with carts which have been sprayed with disinfectant.  Inside the Whole Foods, aisles are marked with one-way traffic signs.  But we're all in this together.

A few miles away sits a typical supermarket.  Big parking lot, 20 aisles inside, thousands of items, a tiny fraction of which are organic.  No lines outside, no yellow tape, no carts covered with glistening disinfectant.  Half the check-out people wear masks, the other half don't.  Maybe a quarter of the customers wear masks.  People actually talk to each other.  Contrasted against Whole Foods and TJ's, this place feels like Paris in the 1920s.  Here, life, such as it is, flourishes.  Over in East Germany, it's dead.  It may be organic and non-GMO there, but it's a decaying psychological fungus.

OK, let's dive in.  Desperate times call for surreal measures.  The pod people think rebels against the system are dangerous.  That's what robots always think.  They're hooked up to the system.  They suck energy from it.  They give everything they have to it.  For them, this is life.

The people who have been planning this takeover operation for a long time knew they had to bring populations to the point at which MINDS would no longer function.  Minds would become containers for propaganda.  The owners of those reshaped minds would be able to realize one thing: their survival depended entirely on AUTHORITY.

We were NEVER all in this together.  The pod people were and are in this together.  The robots are together.  They're the army under the control of the operators.

Dear Pod People:

You're sincere.  We get it.  You can stop now.  You've already won a gold star on the blackboard from the teacher.

I won't try to make a distinction between the junk science you worship and actual science.  You're too far gone for that.

You're in a box.  You've been in that box for a long time.  It's created by the "authorities in charge," and their super-coiffed high-priced press hookers.  The order to go on lockdown was just another piece beamed into that box, and you stood at attention.  Yes sir.

Even some of you anti-vaxxers are in the box.  What did you think you were saying about viruses with your stance on vaccines?  Let me translate.  You were saying, "We can deal with viruses, we don't need your toxic vaccines to gain immunity."  But now, all of a sudden, with this fake ghost virus, you fold up like puppets.  You ask your masters to pull on the strings so you can put on your masks.  All along, you've had a piece of mind control stuck in your domes you didn't know about.  I mean, really.

To all you pod people: you needed a new religion at this late date?

I'm sure some of you were actively against the Iraq war under Bush 2.  You bucked the artificial consensus.  But now, you salute and enlist.  Can you back up just a step and take a peek at yourselves and glimpse how ridiculous you look, in lock-step, masks on, gloves on, trudging 27 feet apart down the middle of some deserted Main Street?

I'll even bet there are long-time JFK assassination researchers in masks.  For decades, they've combed through one false trail after another, traveled through halls of mirrors, finally arriving at the door of the CIA...but now, after three sentences from that petty bureaucrat Fauci, they're in the cult.  Bingo, bango, bongo.  "Going pod" is quite a phenomenon.  Yesterday, the person was living a regular life.  Then, all of a sudden, with no apparent thought involved, the robot-ness grips him. 

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