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An overview of what's coming:

- DNA harvesting (via alleged COVID-19 tests)
- Economic destruction (destroying small businesses, making people dependent on government)
- Universal Basic Income (tied to “requirements” to get it)
- Economic crash / reset
- Accelerating robotics takeover (allowing AI to take over jobs)
- Cashless agenda (money is "contaminated" with virus)
- 5G installation (people at home unable to see/resist 5G in schools and public places)
- Mass gatherings (part of First Amendment) canceled, people less able to revolt
- Separating amilies (see video below)
- Food shutdown (attacking food sovereignty and making people more dependent on government)
- Conditioning people to accept more authority and tyranny as “the new normal”
- Setting a legal precedent to justify overriding the Constitution and natural rights due to an “emergency”
- Global ID (administered via mandatory vaccinations)
- Depopulation (targeting the elderly)

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