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Dean Koontz is a bestselling American author, born in 1945.  His groundbreaker was Whispers (1980), but Koontz wrote and kept writing under many pseudonyms (for different genres, he says).  The Eyes of Darkness came out in 1981 under the pseudonym Leigh Nichols, and was re-released as a mass-market paperback under Koontz's name.  Strangely, The Eyes of Darkness mentions a bioweapon from Wuhan, China on page 353, called Wuhan-400. Remember that this book came out in 1981.  The following page (354) mentions "the Ebola virus from Africa."  Huh??

(Could it be that Dean Koontz, said to have written as many as eight books in one year, isn't just one person, but a government operation writing for the public??)

The Eyes of Darkness p. 353
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Original title and pseudonym
published in 1981


The Eyes of Darkness p. 354
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