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How aware are you of chemtrails?

How did things get like this?  You could argue that the masses who seek canned entertainment (this happened at Disneyland) have also toxified their bodies with glyphosate and other biological hazards.  Neurotransmitters are not operating properly, sympathetic nervous systems are constantly on high.  Watch and reflect:






Folsom CA preschool cell tower

Verizon began to build its new cell tower with an expired permit.  The tower is 40 feet from a preschool called Kids, Inc. (what a name!).  Parents of children in the preschool intend to leave if the tower is activated, which will be soon.  The owner of the preschool was never notified of the proximity of the new tower when she signed her lease.  Lots of interesting issues bubbling in this story, including a "quality of life" sidestep now being used to get around the 1996 Telecommunications Act that prevents fighting wireless installations based on health concerns.

Read full story here and watch the news video!



Parent of an autistic son and author of the book How to End the Autism Epidemic, J.B. Handley doesn't cut corners in this interview with Dr. Mercola about autism:




Sea of radiation 

In a post on, Lois Cadwallader gives us a comprehensive look at 5G -- lots of stuff you might not know!

Excerpt:  5G smaller antennas are said to transmit only when a wireless device requests a signal.  Only then does it activate. However, the more wireless sensors are embedded in our homes, businesses, appliances, devices, the more layered and continuous the exposure becomes.

Smart devices continually send out a “beacon” (every 6-30 seconds) even if they are not in use. And, even if you choose not to incorporate “smart devices” into your living environment, there’s a good chance your neighbors will have a “smart home.” Second-hand EMF exposure will be unavoidable.

Sometimes consumers have “selective outrage.” The public tends to object to the big, ugly towers and yet ignore the obvious.  Your wireless devices that you constantly carry and allow into your home are probably delivering the greater radiation punch to you than the big, ugly towers and antennas, although, those are encroaching closer and closer and are of extreme concern.

Read full post here.