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How aware are you of chemtrails?

-If you want your friends to understand what they're putting in their mouths, have them watch this 4-minute synopsis by Dr. Bush.  Also know that his product Restore helps to keep glyphosate from getting into your bloodstream.  See this link for more info; buy Restore (with a free pump!) here.

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Highlights from what he tells us:

- it's shortsighted to assume that cancer is genetic
- public health is deteriorating because of something we've done to our environment
- 85% of glyphosate sprayed in America collects into a single watershed: the Mississippi and its tributaries
- glyphosate is a water-soluble toxin
- biology depends on water: the Earth and our bodies are 70% water
- watersheds (not just the Mississippi) are causing dead zones in the ocean (cyanobacterial algae blooms killing fish life)
- we started using a toxin that kills the soil microbiome, our gut microbiome, and is moving through the world's ecosystem
- our own species, as well as others, are becoming unresilient and dying
- we have destroyed 50% of the earth's biological diversity in the last 50 years
- our fertility has dropped: 1 in 3 American males infertile, 1 in 4 American women
- 46% of children today have chronic disease

Think before you reach for that next handful of chips, or that hamburger, or that Slurpee ... organic is safer!