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How aware are you of chemtrails?

Amazing new findings from the Restore team, headed by Dr. Zach Bush in Charlottesville, Virginia!

Restore 4 Life supplementIn a mere two weeks of use, Restore has been shown to:

  • Reduce glyphosate in the body by 23%
  • Reduce the IL-6 inflammation marker by 17%
  • Reduce Zonulin (a protein that causes gut permeability) by 12%

This is wonderful news, and almost hard to believe!  To learn more about the supplement Restore, please listen to the very thorough show I did with Sage of Quay (click here) and read the testimonials from users.

Read new science findings (full report) here.  Restore is available at and you get a free pump if you order a full 2-month supply (you will not get this from any other seller).  We also have a Friends & Family deal for multiple-bottle purchases!