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At one time, America lived like this, but the rugged and independent way of life is now being made illegal ...




Jeanice Barcelo's next parenting program begins in October 2018.  Please sign up if you are interested or are a parent-to-be!  More information here.

"The program is the first of its kind to emerge anywhere in the world, as it emphasizes the importance of engaging in preparatory work prior to the conception of children.  Classes will provide an in-depth exploration of how to create healthy relationships, a healthy preconception environment, the importance of the conception imprint, a love-filled pregnancy and birth experience, and how to parent children consciously so they can be happy, healthy and wise."

Birth of a New Earth parenting program



Lake Okeechobee algae


It turns out that glyphosate contributes phosphorus to algae in watersheds and thus feeds algal blooms which are often harmful to many life forms.  Here's an article (August 21, 2018) from in Florida on the runoff from Lake Okeechobee that is ruining Florida's Treasure Coast.  Quoting one earth scientist (Univ. of Toronto):  "Glyphosate ... has been used heavily in the agricultural areas around Lake Okeechobee and upstream in the Kissimmee River watershed for at least 25 years. Glyphosate provides a source of phosphorus for blue-green bacteria and recent research by others suggest that glyphosate enhances the growth of blue-green bacteria, which become tolerant and absorb glyphosate directly."

Bad news for the marine trophic chain, where glyphosate-laden algae will be processed upward into creatures higher in the chain, as this is how biology works.  See Dr. Stephanie Seneff's work on glyphosate masquerading as the amino acid glycine in our own tissues here.



The market for the mineral coltan has exploded since the advent of cell phones.  The element tantalum, used in computers and cell phones, is derived from coltan mining, and we know that people upgrade their cell phones at the drop of a hat ... which means that more children in Africa are kidnapped and put to work in the coltan mines.  Here, minister Lex Johnson urges his audience not to upgrade and to put a message on their phones that informs callers about the underage slaves in coltan mines ... BOTH ARE ACTION STEPS!



Cobalt mines also employ underage children in Africa for the ultimate purpose of manufacturing lithium batteries.  The man shown at the end of this video has a classici thyroid goiter, likely a result of iodine deficiency.  Spending so many hours deep in the mines, the people get no sunlight and thus no Vitamin D, which is catastrophic to their health and vitality.




A new film will be released on August 31, 2018: American Circumcision by Brendon Marotta.  Please promote it, see it yourself, and watch Eric Clopper's presentation at Harvard University on May 1st, which got him fired.  Here is Eric's update and his page for donations (with more info on lawsuit against Harvard):