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Apparently, it's true.  Beer may indeed be feminizing men, as the hops used to flavor it contains phytoestrogens.



Here is Joe Imbriano ranting on the subject:




Excellent piece by Jon Rappoport ... think about it carefully!

Eagle in flight

"On the one side, we have people who denigrate the possibility of the paranormal. On the other side, we have people who, ungrounded in the physical world, try to stage what amounts to a paranormal escape operation, only to fall back into their increasingly chaotic circumstances.  In the middle are persons who have genuinely experienced the paranormal, know it, feel no obsession to shout it from the rooftops, and go on with their lives."

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The shorter one is Serena, who has become incredibly muscular.  Venus's lankiness suggests a lot of testosterone production (some women produce more male hormone than others) ...



And in their early 20s: