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A penetrating discussion by Sylvie of ... Few people realize that the blockchains that run cryptocurrencies and smart contracting (the way of the future) use massive amounts of energy and are therefore not "sustainable" as we use that word today.  The blockchain that supports Bitcoin uses more energy annually than a small country!  Will blockchains of the future rely on human energy harvesting for their support?  That's my bet (see 16:20 in video below):






This is my answer to the first song on Mike Williams' new CD ... buy the CD or single to find out how these two relate.  The Hollies were a British band who needed one more song to complete their next album.  This number, about an FBI agent and a raid and a beautiful woman, was a giant hit, and remains a tremendous favorite today, with people practically weeping for the old days.  (Note: The refrain, often heard as "get it on," is actually "had it all.")  Lyrics here.



Known as swamp rock, Creedence Clearwater Revival was known for this style ...



and Ike and Tina Turner created their own version:




Matilda Macy is a modern-day social scientist and commentator who has just arrived on the alt-media scene.  Here's her analysis of recent events in Florida (click on image to see video, and allow it to load):


Matilda Macy




In these interviews, Jennifer Lawrence admits to having multiple personalities:



If you can, watch the entire film The Three Faces of Eve (1957), based on the life of Chris Costner Sizemore (read more here).  Joanne Woodward gives an astonishing performance, for which she won an Academy Award.  The public was introduced to multiple-personality disorders in the 1950s, as this was the time that secret mind-control experiments were begun by the government.



An HBO documentary on MPD: