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How aware are you of chemtrails?

Fish fraud, fish waste, fish farming.  Aquaculture, as it is called, produces half the fish Americans eat (let's not forget their pets, as well).  Dr. Mercola's newsletter on this alarming industry can be read here.  For a teaser, watch the video below:



The modern fishing industry:







An officer/official of the City of Fullerton, California describes the installation of shorter wavelength, higher frequency antennas "not restricted to main arteries [roads]" and "on a first-come-first-served" basis.  This is how anxious the manipulated public will be for 5G wireless service.  People are going to be ASKING FOR their very own 5G transmitter because otherwise you might have to SHARE one with your neighbor!

The official says he has not seen any studies on the health effects of this technology, and MISTAKENLY believes that because the reach of these waves is shorter, they put out less radiation than the current communications-related frequencies we are using (850 MHz to 8 GHz).  Expect this kind of abysmally misleading presentation in every town and city.



Fullerton, CA resident Joe Imbriano (see his website explains this technology to the Fullerton City Council.  Go Joe!




This is very good!  Performed and written by Benny Wills of Joy Camp




Steeple with antennaAs its website describes, "Imagine running a business whose success relies on being completely undetectable to the public. Ours does. Today, society runs on wireless signal.  User spurred and technology steered, the craving for connectivity fuels business and life.  Driven by devices, the fast-growing wireless industry depends on antennas. And STEALTH has spent 25 years making them disappear."

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