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How aware are you of chemtrails?

The screen shall fool the masses more than ever before.  The only way to know will be to be there yourself.  Bear witness.




The latest techno-electronic wizardry is thermochromic fabric.  Don't change your clothes -- let your clothes change themselves!  But color isn't all: Fabrics can control your muscles, body temperature and even release medicines ...



Commentary from Paul Romano, Pockets of the Future:




Radio frequencies are man-made, by the mechanical deformation of crystals (called transduction).  The natural wave spectrum has large gaps on it, which gaps man has begun to fill with frequencies created artifically.  Now more frequencies are to be created by artificial means, subjecting the natural world to stresses it has never seen before.  The telecom industry and governments are paying no attention to the casualty potential of these "advances."  Read more here.




This individual worked at Google/YouTube HQ and has this to say about the recent "active shooter" incident there ... click on image to watch:


Former Googler talks





and Dangerous to Our Privacy:


Target bathrooms