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How aware are you of chemtrails?

Very well done!  A new film on weather modification (which has been given plenty of other confusing names).  Let the mouthpieces tell us how they have been doing it for years and years ... Matt Landman made this documentary for the uninitiated, but it supplies plenty of missing history for the rest of us.




Hollywood was made to follow a moral code for films, which was created back in 1930 but not strictly enforced until 1934.  Described as "industry moral guidelines," also known as the Hays Code, it was followed until 1968, and was the precursor to today's G, PG, R and X ratings.  In 1915 the Supreme Court ruled that free speech did not extend to motion pictures; New York was the first state to have a censorship board (1921), due to the amount of lewd material showing up in performances.  Read a full interesting history here, which includes images from films familiar to us today.  The Code disallowed excessive kissing, firearms pointed at the camera, and a long list of plenty of other things.

Scene from The Song of Songs

From 1930 to 1934, the Code was not enforced due to staffing shortages, and in this time films like Frankenstein got through -- in violation of Code rules, but not yet censored.  The Song of Songs, directed by Rouben Mamoulian and starring Marlene Dietrich, was another that escaped censorship, and portrays the destruction and debasement of a young woman's soul.  Read a great write-up about it here, almost as good as watching the film.



It was a tight industry secret back in the day -- that another woman was the singing voice of Natalie Wood in West Side Story, Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady, and other stars in Hollywood films.  Here's a short interview with Marni Nixon, who tells us she was threatened with never working again if she were to let the secret be known!  "The studio -- 20th Century Fox -- called me, and they said that if anyone ever knew that I did any part of a dubbing, they would see to it that I wouldn't work in town again."



Compare Marni's singing with Audrey Hepburn's own voice here and here.



Aug Tellez, himself a victim of ritual abuse, explains the real nature and intent of A.I. -- "a vampiric consciousness bound into the super-computer system." Technology is being used to map human consciousness and study our psychological/psychic/energetic response, measuring resilience v. weakness.  (The start of the talk is a bit rambling; don't be put off -- stick with it.)






Restore audio with Sage of Quay


In this interview (also found on the Podcasts page), I explain how the bacterial diversity of our soil has been destroyed by modern farming methods, leading to "monogut" or a very limited microbiome in our bodies today.  A product called Restore, developed by Dr. Zachary Bush, manages to re-introduce something very important into our gut -- not the missing bacteria, per se, but their metabolites (carbon molecules) that signal to the mitochondria in our cells, and thus help in crucial ways to regulate our health.  The concept behind Restore is pretty remarkable, and here are some reports by individuals who have tried it with great results.

Click on image or here for audio file of show.  Restore is now for sale at



Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Kristin Comella.  Interesting facts: We would only live an hour if it weren't for our stem cells.  The best source of stem cells is our own body fat.  You can have a small amount of fat extracted and receive a large number of stem-cell treatments from this source -- at regular intervals, as you become injured or develop health issues.  Stem cells know exactly how to help regenerate tissues, without any manipulation by "medicine."  People who eat healthy have the best body fat for stem-cell growth; smokers have the worst.  This is a fascinating interview, and most of the therapies discussed in it do not involve the use of embryonic stem cells (from babies), but adult stem cells that are extracted, stored and administered for personal use.




Proof from Warren Woodward that smart meters disrupt the heart.  We are electrical beings.  It makes sense that the microwaves, pulses and voltage spikes continually delivered by "smart" meters are detrimental to us.  See EKG proof in this video, explained by a doctor.  Read more here.