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The very unfortunate outcome of Dr. James Tracy's lawsuit against Florida Atlantic University for unlawful termination has ended in a loss for Dr. Tracy. The positioning of the case (plaintiff's and defendants' points of view) is pretty clearly outlined in this article by the Sun Sentinel: Tracy’s attorneys positioned the case as a key argument on the right to free speech and the principles of academic freedom. ... FAU officials say they never censored Tracy or prevented him from expressing his conspiracy theorist opinions. They say he was fired after repeatedly and intentionally refusing to file mandatory disclosure forms that require all professors to reveal outside work and activities that could affect their work or the university. ... [FAU attorney Joseph] Curley told the jury that Tracy’s firing was not motivated by his blogging and said he was fired for repeatedly breaking the rules about disclosing outside activities and earnings and refusing to follow orders from his bosses. Tracy continued his controversial blog and other activities for three years before FAU fired him.

Read full article here and watch the video.



This commentary brings more depth to the pedophilia thirst in entertainment and circles of power:




James Tracy vs. FAU trial illustration

What I learned covering the federal lawsuit the former professor brought against FAU ... by Joe Pye, Editor in Chief: Early on in the fourth day, Tracy took the stand. FAU’s defense attorney G. Joseph Curley questioned Tracy on whether he received funds for his blog, titled MemoryHoleBlog. All FAU faculty have to report any outside activities, paid or voluntary, which FAU says Tracy failed to properly carry out. The university stood behind a defense that around the same time Tracy lost his job, another Arts and Letters instructor was fired for failing to properly report an outside activity. 

[Academic Affairs advisor] Alperin said she stood by the university’s decision to terminate Tracy due to their claim he was noncompliant in filing the proper paperwork to report his outside activities — something he had done in previous years, while serving as faculty union president. “We never stopped him from working on his blog or teaching in the classroom,” Alperin said. “We believe in the First Amendment. We never stopped his speech.” One of Tracy’s attorneys Matthew Benzion replied: “No, you just fired him.”

Following Tracy’s firing at the beginning of 2016, an FAU dean circulated an email that read “for the record, Tracy was not fired because he didn’t report things,” the lawsuit said.  Read more here.



Watch lasers smoothly remove rust (iron oxide) from metal, graphite from paper, paint from the exterior of a pencil ... LASER is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation; laser power can range from 1/4 of a Watt to trillions of Watts. The type of light emitted by the laser correlates to its intensity. Fire-demolished lots are now for cheap sale in California, and former residents will be relocated to Agenda 2030 Smart Growth homes.




James Tracy going to trial

The case brought by Professor James Tracy against Florida Atlantic University for loss of his tenured teaching position is now at trial.  If Professor Tracy prevails, the outcome will be of major import for issues of free speech in America.  Read more and watch report here; more details about trial issues from Palm Beach Post here.



Much better than having it blip in your pocket all day!  Watch this demonstration that shows how the phone does not emit damaging RFMW radiation when put in the "airplane mode" setting (based on a myth, by the way).  Special thanks to EMF Safety Zone for the video.




Larry Silverstein and 9/11

Reuters has reported "American, United Settle World Trade Center Developer's 9/11 Claims.  Silverstein has received several billion dollars from insurers to rebuild. He wanted to hold American and United responsible for their alleged negligence in failing to prevent the Twin Towers’ destruction by their hijacked planes. ... The settlement came a little over two years after a federal appeals court said Hellerstein had underestimated Silverstein’s losses on his 99-year lease for the site, signed six weeks before the attacks, clearing the way for the developer to seek more money from the airlines."  Read more here and here.



I too had the thought that Amelia Earhart had figured out that the earth wasn't laid out the way we are told, and hence her fateful flight.  I too had heard about her capture and subsequent death at the hands of "the Japanese."  I too wondered if the reason for this was a certain discovery Earhart had made.  This video puts the story in better perspective.  (If the narration is hard too fast and hard to follow, go to YouTube and use the "settings" (gear icon) to slow it down.)