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Chlorinated waterAvobenzone, patented in 1973, is an oil-soluble ingredient of sunscreens that is said to absorb the full UV-ray spectrum.  (Have you seen the term "full-spectrum sunscreen"?)  However, toxicology tests show that when avobenzone is combined with chlorine (e.g., from swimming pools) and sunlight, it breaks down into other compounds -- alldehydes, phenols and chlorinated acetyl benzenes -- a couple of which are serious genotoxic carcinogens.  Millions of people use sunscreens today.  Most widely marketed sunscreens contain titanium dioxide (a heavy metal neurotoxin) and petrochemicals, neither of which are body-friendly.

Zinc-oxide sunscreens however (if it is not nano-zinc) are well-tolerated by human skin, and due to their matte texture, physically cover or protect skin from too much sun.  Zinc oxide holds up well in water, too.  See for Bali Bloc zinc oxide sunscreen, and a particularly helpful product -- Zinc Oxide Body Wash -- which can be used in the shower to build zinc into areas of the body that are most exposed, resulting in a degree of "built-in" sun protection (especially good for men with thinning hair and bald heads).

What is "too much sun"?  Melanin is a biopolymer that provides structure and thickness to the skin; dark people have more melanin than light-skinned people.  Melanin also converts UV radiation into heat, and thus serves as a natural "sunscreen."  However, even dark-skinned people can burn with extended sun exposure.  Light-skinned people whose ancestry derives from colder regions with less sunlight are apt to burn much faster than dark-skinned people; hence suncreen can help, especially when applied to areas that get more exposure than others (nose, forehead, arms).  Sunlight causes our body to produce Vitamin D, which triggers dozens of essential biochemical processes with the dawning of each day; therefore we do need sunlight for optimal health.

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Men are going to be looking pretty dashing and smashing!  Pleated skirts and high heels, there's also the shirtdress ...  See the Thom Browne photo gallery here.


Thom Browne 2017 for men Thom Browne 2017 for men Thom Browne 2017 for men




As some have suspected, Wikileaks and Julian Assange may not be as "rogue and brave" as most of the world believes them to be.  From the Richard Hall YouTube channel, here is a 4-part series that sheds a whole new light on [quoting]... "just how much of a handled entity Julian Assange is. Assange is not an independent activist, but is chauffeured around by establishment handlers. He is not a wanted criminal, he is not being given asylum, he is not a whistleblower, he is not an advocate of freedom of information. He is an intelligence created tool being used to front one of the biggest psy-ops currently in operation on this planet. Wikileaks is funded and supported by globalists who are using it for a number of agendas."



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Supreme Court

... did not "create income tax."  Proposed by President Taft in 1909, it would close a loophole (created in 1895 by the Pollock v. Farmers case) by which corporations could partly dodge being taxed.  The Pollock ruling held that [corporate] income could not be taxed if the source from which the income was derived was property. The 16th Amendment:  Congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes on all incomes, from whatever source derived.  However, this does not mean what people think it does.

In 1916, the Supreme Court laid out the nature of the 16th Amendment in the case of Brushaber v. Union Pacific Railroad, which perspective remains in force today. Pollock allowed the creative linking of "privileged earnings" to property; Brushaber prohibited this once and for all.

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This is how the game is played ... Chemotherapy has been found to increase the chances of cancer cells getting into the bloodstream, where they have the opportunity to spread cancer elsewhere in the body.  But, of course, a new drug has been discovered that addresses this aspect of chemotherapy ... 



In the meantime, an Amish man faces prison time for making and selling a medicinal salve:




People touch their phones over 2000 times a day.  They must constantly check the screen.  They are ignoring their small children (whose social and language skills are thus underdeveloped).  They are bumping into things to the point that sidewalks are being designed for smart-phone users.  What this suggests is that artificial/technological input is now becoming essential; it is being imprinted on and into us.




Annie Brandt was diagnosed with breast cancer 16 years ago and constructed her own path to recovery.  Interviewed by Dr. Joe Mercola, she explains that one has to tailor one's own program, with lots of personal research and "switching it up" -- meaning combining and alternating a variety of natural compounds and strategies so as to keep the cancer "on its toes," so to speak.  Read about The Healing Platform, her new book here, and/or click image below to watch her interview with Dr. Mercola.

Annie Brandt



On the small British island of Jersey is a forbidding-looking former children's home called Haut de la Garenne ("haut" means high; "garenne" is a rabbit's warren).  Bill Maloney's film below (warning! graphic language) explains what has been going on in the enclave of Jersey, strangely visited by British notables and royalty for many years.  And here is David Icke's recent videocast about Haut de la Garenne.



Another British island where underage sex is "a way of life":