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Los Angeles, California apparently has more registered voters than residents of voting age.  From Judicial Watch:  "Los Angeles County officials informed us that the total number of registered voters [in the county] now stands at a number that is a whopping 144% of the total number of resident citizens of voting age."

Latino vote

Reporter Jon Rappoport adds:  "That's fraud.  Now add this to the mix.  Over a million illegal immigrants (some say far more) have received driver's licenses in California.  All of them (unless they specifically opt out) are automatically registered to vote by the Department of Motor Vehicles.  Put all this insanity together, and what do you get?  A gigantic number of people who can illegally cast votes.  Because, in California, it's legal to be illegal."  He goes on to suggest that electronic voting, which allows easy tampering and hacking, might be manipulated to show votes that would then be attributed to the illegal immigrant voting population ...

Read more here and here.



A lot to contemplate from ReallyGraceful's video on this subject ... What does / might happen when you send in your DNA sample to "track your family lineage"?  See who invests in these companies, and what their founders are up to:




It gets messier and messier.  "Eight premature baby lambs spent their last month of development in an external womb that resembled a high-tech ziplock bag. This technology, if it works in humans, could one day prove lifesaving for the 30,000 or so babies each year that are born earlier than 26 weeks into pregnancy. It could also complicate—and even jeopardize—the right to an abortion in an America in which that right is predicated on whether a fetus is “viable."

Lamb in artificial womb

Now the idea is to potentially transfer aborted babies into artificial wombs, thus giving a woman the "control over her own body" that abortion grants her.  Yet this transfer would be surgically done, so does the woman have the right to refuse the surgery?  Read more here and here.



The amazing author and discoverer Jean Liedloff on camera ... Liedloff identified something called "The Continuum Concept" of human connection and child-rearing that will astonish you and make loads of sense: "We have actually created an anti-social population."  If you want to get the book, it is now available at




This will make your head spin.  A long-dead lawyer and novelist, Ralph Ingersoll Lockwood, wrote a series of books about a little boy called Baron Trump (e.g., The Travels and Adventures of Little Baron Trump and His Wonderful Dog Bulgar, pub'd 1890) with so much coinkydink in it to the present Trump clan that you will not believe it.  The video below suggests Trumpies know how to time travel.  Regardless, do treat yourself to lots of good Co-In-Tel Lasagna ... someone had to know a lot about something back then!




We hear a lot about A.I., or artificial intelligence -- where computer technology is racing at breakneck speed.  But we never hear about I.A., or intelligence augmentation ... and what might that be?  The first is about mechanizing or automating the human experience; the second is about using technology to enhance the human experience, or man-machine symbiosis.  Many people believe, as Google director and futurist Ray Kurzweil tells us, that The Singularity -- the marriage of man with machine, coming to us around 2050 -- is in fact A.I., but it is NOT.

Man-machine symbiosis

The Singularity is I.A., by definition, and it isn't clear who's going to be married in this augmenting way.  While A.I. is rushing to replace humans with machines (robots), or to robotize the human experience, I.A. is dabbling with ways to implant technology in humans to bring them encyclopedic knowledge, nanobotic health regulation, etc.  Apparently the tech world has been at odds, or split, between these two movements; e.g., should machines be made conscious while nothing is done to improve humans, or should humans enhance their biology with technologies and make machines serve us?

Read more here.



Chlorinated waterAvobenzone, patented in 1973, is an oil-soluble ingredient of sunscreens that is said to absorb the full UV-ray spectrum.  (Have you seen the term "full-spectrum sunscreen"?)  However, toxicology tests show that when avobenzone is combined with chlorine (e.g., from swimming pools) and sunlight, it breaks down into other compounds -- alldehydes, phenols and chlorinated acetyl benzenes -- a couple of which are serious genotoxic carcinogens.  Millions of people use sunscreens today.  Most widely marketed sunscreens contain titanium dioxide (a heavy metal neurotoxin) and petrochemicals, neither of which are body-friendly.

Zinc-oxide sunscreens however (if it is not nano-zinc) are well-tolerated by human skin, and due to their matte texture, physically cover or protect skin from too much sun.  Zinc oxide holds up well in water, too.  See for Bali Bloc zinc oxide sunscreen, and a particularly helpful product -- Zinc Oxide Body Wash -- which can be used in the shower to build zinc into areas of the body that are most exposed, resulting in a degree of "built-in" sun protection (especially good for men with thinning hair and bald heads).

What is "too much sun"?  Melanin is a biopolymer that provides structure and thickness to the skin; dark people have more melanin than light-skinned people.  Melanin also converts UV radiation into heat, and thus serves as a natural "sunscreen."  However, even dark-skinned people can burn with extended sun exposure.  Light-skinned people whose ancestry derives from colder regions with less sunlight are apt to burn much faster than dark-skinned people; hence suncreen can help, especially when applied to areas that get more exposure than others (nose, forehead, arms).  Sunlight causes our body to produce Vitamin D, which triggers dozens of essential biochemical processes with the dawning of each day; therefore we do need sunlight for optimal health.

Read more here and here about avobenzone.



Men are going to be looking pretty dashing and smashing!  Pleated skirts and high heels, there's also the shirtdress ...  See the Thom Browne photo gallery here.


Thom Browne 2017 for men Thom Browne 2017 for men Thom Browne 2017 for men