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The heart actually twists as it electrically charges and releases blood.  In keeping with tubular organ formation, as set out by biochemist Mark Krasnow of Stanford University, the heart originates in the human fetus as a tube, which then develops into a fibrous organ that does not function as a pump, as has been long believed.  Watch this fascinating video:




There's enough here to make your head spin, and if all you come away with is the notion that everything in our body is aligned and works in a kind of super concert, and that we are at our font electric (also piezo electric), you will know why modern life has messed our biology up so much.  For instance, muscles are batteries layered to form a "power battery pack."  The fascia (membrane) around muscles is a semiconductor, designed to move current in one directino only.  There are five energy-making systems in our body that work in harmony, running body voltage at the levels necessary to keep cells and organs going.  An interview to listen to, and here's the write-up that goes with it.




Dagupan dump in PhilippinesAs we have learned from various documentaries on the subject, the profusion of micro-particles of plastic in our oceans and even our air and water are changing the biology of life.  Ineradicable, plastic only becomes smaller in size.  A synthetic polymer derived from petroleum, it can be reconverted into diesel fuel.  Find out more here.

Wash your synthetic clothes (e.g. fleece jackets) less often; stop using drinking straws and so many plastic bags; how about milk paint ... ?  Instead of buying gallons of latex (plastic) paint at Home Depot, put a little lemon juice or vinegar into skim milk, separate out the curd, add natural pigment to the leftover liquid, and paint your walls and furniture.  That's how it was done in the old days!






This is the road to success, if you want to really change the way things are run in this world.  Josh del Sol Beaulieu has made a sequel to Take Back Your Power (his documentary about smart meters) that explains how to hold public officials liable for the harms they are facilitating.  Finally, activists are understanding that everything operates through commerce and contracts, and we have the right to refuse to contract.  Watch this documentary to begin to see the light ... (sign up here to see Episode 2 for free)




Jonah Manley is now 10 years old and his website is here.  Below he performs a speech from Shakespeare's King Henry V.  He happens to be blind ...




Dr. Mercola interviews EMF expert Martin Pall.  Learn about what happens electrically in your body as EMFs open your cells' voltage-gated calcium channels, especially serious for the brain and heart:




Very worth watching.  Dr. Patrick Gentempo of Utah has created nine long interview episodes, titled "GMOs Revealed," with lots of extremely dedicated and knowledgeable people.  I strongly suggest getting the set, in DVD form or downloadable form -- includes mp3s and a text transcript.  Great $79 deal is here (50% off right now).  Dr. Gentempo is re-running the whole series as a weekend special ... sign up here.

Watch Episode 1 here, permanently available on YouTube:





By Paula Williams of the Woodlawn School: