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Very interesting: lots of childhood abuse/trauma among gays, the need to be validated by attaining fame ... also, the sexual "preference" made after "being initiated" by same-sex abuse ...










A very informative Truthstream Media video that goes way back into time on the beginnings of altering weather for destructive purposes.  A memorable statement from Edward Teller himself (father of the H bomb): “In 1947, [Irving] Langmuir was mostly interested in talking about cloud seeding; he talked so much about the amount of damage done by a storm his seeding had caused that I began to wonder whether he saw the technique as competition to the atomic bomb.” [page 253, Memoirs, Edward Teller].

And from a 1997 Department of Defense transcript, words of Secretary of Defense William Cohen: "[Scientists are engaging] even in an eco-type of terrorism, whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes [and] volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves."





This SGT Report interview establishes that Child Protective Services seeks to find natural parents of special-needs children to be "unfit" and place the children in foster care, from which they "disappear," and are deemed simply to be "runaways."  What the interview does not discuss is the potential for these "runaways" to be victims of human trafficking.  As greater numbers of children become neurologically damaged by environmental toxins (e.g., glyphosate) and the vaccine agenda, one can only see this pattern of defenseless children being parted by the state from their natural parents becoming more and more prevalent.




One of the best guys on RF EMFs: