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How aware are you of chemtrails?

Lots to contemplate here:



Read about Sacred Torus Stones here.  Amazing information indeed!


Sacred torus stone




Dr. James TracyProfessor James Tracy, formerly of Florida Atlantic University, sued the university last year for unfair termination of his tenure and employment., Dr. Tracy's personal website and likely the underlying reason for Dr. Tracy's dismissal, is now extremely difficult to access, having been recently privatized (log-in only).  The federal court has dismissed parts of Dr. Tracy's lawsuit, requiring him to file an amended complaint.  Read more, along with the Second Amended Complaint (filed in late December 2016), detailing the history of FAU's actions against Tracy, here.  Contribute to Dr. Tracy's legal defense here.





Watch this video, and see how one flash of lightning makes the night sky look like day.  The atmosphere (Google it) is mostly nitrogen, which fluoresces blue.  More to come on this.




From the ReallyGraceful YouTube channel:




Walking at Cardiff State Beach in southern California, this is what I came across on New Year's Day, drawn in the sand.  Was this created by a child or an adult?  Notice the lower case "i", the pizza slice with whole and part pepperoni circles, and the near-perfect shape of the heart.