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Kevin Modess explains not only how RF microwaves are harming us, but how the federal government is seeking to eliminate the states from any say in the roll-out of even more dangerous versions (e.g. 5G) of wireless energy.  We cannot let ourselves succumb to cancers and neurological degeneration just because we enjoy the communication conveniences of the wireless world.  He urges EHS sufferers (that's electrohypersensitivity) to write in with their stories so case testimonials can be gathered for presentation to government officials.




"So do I like divide something?" ... 



And another, for your bewilderment and dismay ... (they can all drive, BTW)







Havoc coming to schools with TG political correctness ...




Starring our very own David Weiss!




This is an issue much-feared by mainstream health-care.  The boost MMS (sodium chlorite) can give the body has to do with acidity and electric charge.  Watch and learn more: