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We hear a lot about A.I., or artificial intelligence -- where computer technology is racing at breakneck speed.  But we never hear about I.A., or intelligence augmentation ... and what might that be?  The first is about mechanizing or automating the human experience; the second is about using technology to enhance the human experience, or man-machine symbiosis.  Many people believe, as Google director and futurist Ray Kurzweil tells us, that The Singularity -- the marriage of man with machine, coming to us around 2050 -- is in fact A.I., but it is NOT.

Man-machine symbiosis

The Singularity is I.A., by definition, and it isn't clear who's going to be married in this augmenting way.  While A.I. is rushing to replace humans with machines (robots), or to robotize the human experience, I.A. is dabbling with ways to implant technology in humans to bring them encyclopedic knowledge, nanobotic health regulation, etc.  Apparently the tech world has been at odds, or split, between these two movements; e.g., should machines be made conscious while nothing is done to improve humans, or should humans enhance their biology with technologies and make machines serve us?

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