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How aware are you of chemtrails?

WeatherWar 101 has made a very simple video on the Earth's water cycle, which is no longer natural, but is now supplied by artificial means.  Please watch.  



Here is a summary of what underlies WW101's journey:

WeatherWar101 tells us that the "condensation" fueling today's deluges of rain and hail is obtained from " ... power plants. There are 7000 power plants in the United States, and 62,500 power plants worldwide. These power plants, which run on steam -- which is itself water vapor -- have a particular type of equipment, separate from the actual power-generation process, with the capacity to vaporize tens of thousands of gallons of water per minute.  This technology is known as WSAC (Wet Surface Air Cooling).

The stated purpose of these WSAC systems is to cool the working fluid that goes through the power-plant generators so it can be used again, but this doesn't explain why these ‘add-on’ facilities are often much bigger than the power plants themselves. There is NO logical explanation for needing such huge facilities just to cool working fluid.  As you can see from the image below, all of those huge structures blowing water vapor into the air cannot just be there to cool working fluid, and if they were, the need to blow tens (or hundreds) of thousands of gallons of water vapor into the air every minute to supposedly ‘conserve’ working fluid for re-use makes no logical sense at all.


Power plant generating steam

"So, what I discovered is that the timed and coordinated release of massive amounts of water vapor from these facilities is the SOURCE of the water-vapor bursts you see on satellite imagery every single day.  I discovered that these bursts are the CAUSE of severe storms and floods.  And they are coordinated to fuel passing storm systems (again, viewable every day), proving that this massive effort is deliberate. The fact that the same visual evidence exists on satellite imagery going back to the very first weather-radar satellite images (over 50 years), proves that this operation has been in development and in use for a very long time – clearly without any public knowledge or consent.

Below are some very short explanatory videos that show and prove exactly what I’m talking about. The first one is 7 minutes, the others are barely 2 minutes. I made them incredibly short, to account for people’s incredibly short attention span. PLEASE take the time to check them out. It will provide an exponential leap in consciousness and awareness which EVERYONE needs on this issue, and that is entirely the intent. You can see how much effort I put into this explanation, so please – feedback would be very much appreciated." --WeatherWar101

Missouri Proof of Manmade Severe Weather 06-17-17

Kansas Proof of Manmade Severe Weather 06-16-17


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