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Stanislaw Burzynski, MD. Ph.D. has rattled conventional medicine with his treatment of cancer patients with antineoplaston therapy, with very impressive results.  Dr. Burzynski, a biochemist and medical doctor originally from Poland, is something of a genius.  He maintains that healthy people have certain tumor-attacking biological materials (in the form of certain genes) that are switched on, and people with cancer are lacking in these active (i.e., switched on) genes.  By transferring these active genes (antineoplastons) into cancer patients, their chances of recovery greatly improve.  Listen to Dr. Glidden's introduction for more information, and the interview:



Note: For those who are trying to reconcile the differences between what Dr. Burzynski says (cancer is due to gene mutation) and what Dr. Bush (see videos below) says (there is no disease, only failure of health/body), try replacing the word "disease" as Dr. Burzynski uses it with "failure."  Cancer, he says, is caused by sick genes in all sorts of combinations: "Cancer is a group of hundreds of thousands of different diseases."  Individuals' bodies fail in any combination of ways, thus cancer is different from patient to patient, no matter what kind it is.


Watch the full documentary, Burzynski: Cancer is Serious Business