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Restore for gut healthSeveral friends and I have been trying out the product Restore by Biomic Sciences, LLC.  Restore is a gut-microbiome fortifier in liquid form -- resulting from the work and discoveries of Dr. Zach Bush (see his interviews posted below).  Please listen to the interviews before buying this product -- truly fascinating information and real hope for all of us!

Each person, according to Dr. Bush, should have a complement of 20,000 to 30,000 bacterial species in the gut biome, our intestinal environment, which is contained by the gut membrane, a single-cell-thick layer that extends from the sinus cavity all the way to the rectum.  On the other side of our gut membrane is the production system for 70% of our antibodies (a.k.a. the Th2 immune system).  When the tight junctions (special protein strands) in our gut membrane begin to fail, systemic breakdown occurs.  All disease begins with failure of the tight junctions in the gut, otherwise known as "leaky gut," Dr. Bush tells us.

Glyphosate is the world's most prevalent toxin, says Dr. Bush, and its immediate effect in the body is on our tight junctions.  With glyphosate in the rain and the air itself, no matter what we eat (organic or not), our gut firewall is failing.  The complement of gut bacteria in each of us is extremely limited ("monogut"), due to decades of agricultural toxification of the world's soil (chemical fertilizers/pesticides).  It now takes 44 different people together make up a mere 10,000 bacterial species (an NIH study).

Restore contains carbon metabolites from desert earth in the southwestern United States that were made by bacteria from eons ago.  The bacteria are long gone but their metabolites remain in the soil, and these molecules act as redox signalers in our bodies, forming a vital part of cellular communication that we are all missing.  Absent the bacteria themselves, the carbon signaling molecules nonetheless manage to close the tight junctions in our internal firewall -- this is the gift Dr. Bush has given us.  The clinically tested results: a lot of systemic repair.  There is no disease, says Dr. Bush, only our failing health, and it begins in our gut.

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